SIS Trading Services

The most comprehensive range of markets and pricing for horse and greyhound racing

SIS Trading Services, can offer the complete racing data and pricing solution for both retail and online customers to enhance our greyhound and horse racing content, turning it into an end-to-end solution.

Our Trading Services can complement existing trading resource or offer a fully outsourced pricing solution. Our specialist team has developed industry leading algorithms to analyse racing data and assist our trading team to deliver high quality real-time prices.

SIS provides a full range of odds across all points of the pricing journey (see image below), with an extensive range of derivative markets which can be tailored to your requirements. Derivative Prices are prices that are compiled off-track, the value of each being derived from the value of other prices or betting opportunities, whether within the same sports market or otherwise. SIS provides over 20 derivative markets including Match Bets, Place Betting and Betting without the Favourite.

Trading Services can be offered to accompany the following content:
• British Horseracing
• SIS British Greyhound Service
• SIS Irish Greyhound Service
• SIS Irish Horseracing Service
• SIS International Horse Racing – Includes France, Latin America, Mauritius, Singapore and UAE (Jebel Ali)

Trading Services
Trading Services
Trading Services

Features & Benefits

Specialist Teams

SIS has a high quality, experienced team of traders, mixing knowledge of horse and greyhound racing with mathematical expertise. Prices used by majority of UK retail bookmakers


Highly configurable product that can be adapted to meet the exact needs of customers, including configurable markets and overrounds


SIS has a better value price point compared to competitors in the market

Proprietary algorithms

Huge racing database to power our industry leading algorithms developed in-house

Easy integration via XML or JSON feed

Single feed for all betting data and pricing