SIS Competitive Gaming

The world’s first esports betting product built specifically for sportsbooks.

Unlock the potential of the world's fastest growing sports vertical

SIS Competitive Gaming is the world’s first esports betting product built specifically for sportsbooks, featuring live broadcasts of head-to-head video game competitions between qualified gamers on popular sports titles.

The exciting new product provides operators with c30,000 live events a year with a schedule that is optimised for betting operators and offers markets and bet types that are familiar to current sports bettors.

Operators globally can receive SIS Competitive Gaming as an end-to-end solution, including live pictures, commentary, on-screen graphics with betting triggers, data and a range of pre-event and in-play markets and prices.

A high integrity product

SIS Competitive Gaming is a high integrity betting product. We have put in place a series of robust processes and follow ESIC’s best practice to ensure each event is fair.

Each match is overseen by a dedicated integrity referee, who is trained by ESIC, and they have a real-time link to our expert trading team. As the events take place in a highly controlled environment we are able to put robust player due diligence in place and are able to suspend any players whilst investigations take place to ensure fair play.

  • Dedicated Integrity Referees – Trained by ESIC
  • Real-time monitoring – SIS technical teams monitor games for any signs of player bias
  • Strict player due diligence – Players are vetted,reviewed and incentivised on fair play
  • ESIC Best Practice – competitions meet or exceed ESIC best practice guides
  • Tournaments are covered by the Nevada Gaming Board and UK Gambling Commission

Range of pre-match and in-running markets and prices

SIS Competitive Gaming offers operators and bettors an extensive range of pre-match and in-play markets that are familiar to existing sports bettors and provides a range of markets and prices to suit their betting style.

SIS Competitive Gaming

Features & Benefits

First esports betting product built for sportsbooks

SIS Competitive Gaming has been built with sportsbooks in mind so everything has been optimised for betting

Head-to-head competitions

Head-to-head provide easy to understand events and markets to help drive new customer aquisition

c30,000 events a year

With a schedule that has been optimised for sportsbooks

Familiar sports titles and markets

SIS Competitive Gaming will appeal to existing sports bettors as the markets and games are familiar to what they already engage with

End-to-end solution with easy integration

SIS Competitive Gaming is delivered as end-to-end solution that includes live streamed pictures, commentary, on-screen graphics with betting triggers, data and range of pre-match and in-play markets and prices.

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