SIS Retail Display

Enhance your customers’ experience in shop with the new SIS Retail Display system.

Our new SIS Retail Display service provides operators with a more contemporary, flexible and attractive display that will allow your business to keep up with the ever increasing demand to display more information in shop. By partnering with 2DB, we are also able to provide this service at a price that reflects the current economic climate.

The state of the art hardware will provide greater reliability. Also by connecting the system to the internet, SIS will be able to remote diagnose any issues should they arise, meaning it is quicker to fix, greatly reducing downtime as you no longer a need to wait for an engineer to visit the site.

Features & Benefits

Increased revenue opportunities

With automatic scheduling, events are prioritised according to importance, thereby maximising revenue opportunities

Improved customer betting experience

Enhanced graphics and improved presentation offer your customers a better in-shop experience.

Save on space

Using large flat panel TVs saves on valuable wall space allowing extra room to be used more effectively

Increased customer calls to action

More prompts and calls to action for your customers

Greater reliability

State of the art hardware and satellite delivery for greater reliability

Greater supportability

Greater supportability, by connecting the system to the internet, SIS can offer remote diagnostic support reducing potential downtime

Full engineer support

Full engineer support in the event of a systems failure